14th December 2016

What’s new in WinUX update 2.3

As part of WinUX update 2.3, improvements have been made to the WindowHelper to make it easier to create and manage secondary windows for your UWP application. If you've not…
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Hello World!
How To
8th March 2016

Storing a UWP InkCanvas drawing as an image in a StorageFile

I've been tackling with an issue this morning to store the drawing on an InkCanvas as an image in a StorageFile. After hunting online for possible resolutions, I came across…
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5th March 2016

Gotchas in porting Windows 8.1 apps to the Universal Windows Platform

As the Windows 10 OS has matured over the last year, businesses are looking to finally bring their applications over from Windows 8.1 to the new Universal Windows Platform and…
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Windows 10 Store Options
How To
7th February 2016

How to: Hide your Windows 8.1 app from the Windows 10 Store

This is a question that has come up on numerous occasions when developers have found issues with their Windows 8.1 apps when they run them on a Windows 10 PC…
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Add file to view
How To
3rd January 2016

Implementing file drag & drop in your Windows 10 UWP application

Drag & drop is a common feature in the Windows OS, mainly when you're moving a file from one place to another. Did you know that you can drag files…
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Nokia Lumia 950 XL
20th December 2015

A new Windows experience with the Lumia 950 XL and Microsoft Band 2

I've been rather lucky over the past months to get my hands on some of Microsoft's latest tech courtesy of the company I work for, Black Marble, including one of…
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Creating unique, responsive experiences for Windows 10
25th October 2015

Session – Creating unique, responsive experiences with Windows 10

The new universal Windows app platform brings with it some much deserved UI overhauls which allow developers to create one app that works with any device running Windows 10 ranging…
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Windows 10 SplitView Hamburger Menu
3rd August 2015

Developing for Windows 10 – SplitView navigation menus

With the release of Windows 10 and the SDK which followed, I thought I'd share some helpful tips for developers new and old to get themselves up and running with…
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Windows 10 Game Jam
24th May 2015

Students, get involved with Windows 10 now!

Microsoft Imagine is the hub for everything student related in technology and as well as their famous Microsoft Imagine Cup competition, they are pulling out all the stops to get…
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Raspberry Pi 2 running Windows 10 IoT
20th May 2015

Making IoT real with the Internet of ‘Your’ Things

Microsoft UK just wrapped up their Data Culture event series which provided full days worth of content covering the Microsoft Data Platform, Business Intelligence and Analytics features through a variety…
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Windows 10 Family
9th May 2015

Windows 10 to be the ‘last version of Windows’

At the Microsoft Ignite conference, I visited one of the talks that Jerry Nixon and Christine Matheney, Microsoft Developer Evangelists, were giving on Live Tiles and Notifications in Windows 10.…
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How To
19th March 2015

How to: Get your apps Cortana ready

Cortana is now at the center of Windows Phone user's day-to-day lives and as we see more integration with Microsoft's other platforms, its going to be essential for developers to…
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