Advent Calendar – Week 3

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I could have waited until the 24th to have all of the last presents in one blog post, but I didn’t want to break from the week pattern I had already been making. Here are the next 7 presents from 16th – 21st! I also should have remembered which order they were in but I kept forgetting so I am sorry to Hannah if they are in the wrong order 😛

New Super Mario Bros Badges

I’m pretty sure that Hannah knows me extremely well with the presents of this week. Whether it be video games, computers, comic books, gadgets, Lego or even PENGUINS, she always knows what I like even if she thinks she doesn’t know what I like. I always have problems with badges, and that is that I like putting them on my bag. The only problem there is they get bashed around and they usually end up dropping off. I managed to break a limited edition Legend of Zelda metal badge through this.

Baby Penguins!

Last week in my advent calendar I got a penguin and a baby penguin figure. This week I got even more baby penguins to sit around them! I have quite a collection of penguin themed objects placed on my desk. I’m surprised I even have enough room on my desk for anything else! I don’t know how I’m going to do with filling the advent calendar for Hannah next year…

MJ Moonwalk/Thriller Flip Book

I found this flip book in a little shop in York (I think) a few months ago and immediately picked it up to flick through it. As I’m sure everyone should know a flip book is one of those things that you flick with your thumb and you see something move on the pages. Well this is Michael Jackson’s Thriller and Moonwalk dances in one little book. As you can see from the picture above, one side is Moonwalk and turn it over to get Thriller.

MJ Thriller Flip Book

The Penguin of Death

I thought this magnetic bookmark was brilliant. The only problem is, I want to know what the 412 ways he can kill people are. I wonder if I can find them online. Hannah has really got me back into reading but I think she needs to push me a little more to actually finish a book. I always seem to get distracted by programming. I did manage to read ‘The Secret Garden’ which Hannah bought for me without taking many breaks from it. I think I read a chapter everyday, but I must say it is one of my favourite books. I read it in my last years of primary school. I always enjoyed reading and writing when I was younger, but I guess computers side track a lot of people from a young age.

Mr Christmas Keyring

Hannah said to me when I opened this present that she got it because she didn’t think the presents were Christmassy enough. I then said that she got me loads of penguin presents which are Christmassy but she countered that by saying that I like penguins everyday of the year so it didn’t count. I don’t think I’ve ever held a keyring which was so heavy. I was afraid if I attached it to my keys they would weigh me down 😛

Superman Mints

How do they put as much mint into the tiny mints they put in these tins as the larger mints you get in packets. I always end up sneezing when I have mints and you’d think something so tiny as the mints in these wouldn’t set it off but they do and it’s as bad as the larger ones. Can you actually buy refills for these things? I can find uses for the tins afterwards but they are quite handy for carrying around mints.

Doctor Who (Matt Smith) Top Trumps

I used to love Top Trumps when I was younger. I’m pretty sure that my parents used to buy us some every Christmas to play. We had huge collections of them. Hannah also told me that her dad used to have collections of them too and they’d play so at least I have someone to play against. Combining two things I like into one gift, Top Trumps and Doctor Who. I’ve also got Hannah watching the latest Doctor Who episodes with me, but whether she actually watches them…

These are my 3rd week presents, and I will round it all off in four days time with the last of my advent presents and Christmas presents!

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