Advent Calendar – Week 2

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Penguin Sharpener

Penguin Sharpener!

To go with my pencil and rubber, Hannah bought me a penguin pencil sharpener which she said came from China! I don’t know if I want to open it or not. I’m always in two minds about opening things or using things. I don’t like things getting ruined…


Lego Pen

Lego Pen

You know that everyone still has that child inside them who loves Lego. That’s if you played with Lego as a child that is. This cool Lego pen comes apart and you can build it however you like as long as there is a Mini Figure at the top of the pen as the hat or top of the figures head clicks into the keyring bit.

Lego Eskimo

Lego Eskimo!

You can never have too much Lego at Christmas! I remember when I was younger, we used to get Lego for Christmas from my parents. The endless amounts of fun you can have putting bricks together to make things! I’m not gaining a little collection of different figures on my desk including my Zingy, rubber penguin, penguin sharpener, me to you bear and my spartan helmet. I will soon have no room!

Marvel Pen

Marvel Pen

This Marvel pen is awesome! I’m quite a comic book fan as I’m sure Hannah knows by now. I dragged her along to watch The Avengers which unfortunately I wasn’t that impressed with but I’m not all that bothered. It was an alright film. I’m looking forward to going to see Iron Man 3!

I'm stuck on you magnet

I’m stuck on you magnet

Another addition to my Waldo Pancake collection! 😀 Unfortunately it can’t really go on the fridge, so Hannah told me to stick it on my radiator. I don’t think the caption on the magnet works though…

Penguin socks

Penguin socks!

Novelty socks are brilliant and quite typical as a Christmas gift. At least I know that I won’t lose these and have to improvise with odd socks. I have a red stripey sock which has no pair, and a blue stripey sock which has no pair so I put them together and called them police socks. On a more serious note, I do tend to lose socks quite a lot and always end up buying more and then finding the lost ones.



Aww! When I opened this today, Hannah said “Trust you to get most excited over a penguin”. I’m getting quite a penguin theme going on with my advent calendar presents. I can see their being plenty more 😀 This penguins also now sit on my desk. At least they don’t gather much dust as I tend to clean my desk everyday.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what I get in next weeks presents! Then there is only a few more days after that until Christmas. It’s also my last week this year at Seed next week before having a nice break for Christmas and returning again in the New Year to get back into the mayhem. Hopefully I will feel more relaxed.

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