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Two years ago, Hannah took her crafty skills and made me an advent calendar because I told her that I hadn’t had one for quite a few years. She went off and made this fantastic advent calendar filled with little gifts that she’d bought to put into it for me, so it wasn’t one of those chocolate ones I’d remembered growing up!

We came to an agreement that every year, whoever is opening the presents will then fill it up for the other the next year which I did for Hannah last year. So this year, it was my turn for presents! In a more formatted way than my previous advent calendar posts, I will be showing off 6 presents in each blog to split it up equally into quarters.

To The One I Love

To The One I Love

To The One I Love Book

This short poetry book was wrapped up in number 1 which expresses how one might feel for another without knowing what word to say. As I was flicking through the pages reading and looking at the illustrations, I can’t help but think that Hannah might have made this book herself! It accurately illustrates our lives together (except I’m definitely a good cook and I’m sure Hannah does enjoy eating the food I make).

Issues Addressed

I definitely don’t snore…

Penguin Decoration

Penguin Decoration

Penguin Decoration hand painted by Hannah at her Rainbows and Brownies group

Anyone who truly knows me will know that I have a love for penguins. Hannah painted this Christmas decoration last year when she was a leader for the Rainbows and Brownies unit in Cottingham. She definitely likes to get her advent calendar presents prepared early, I haven’t even started yet!

Little Shell Candle

Shell Candle

A little shell candle

We have plenty of candles in our house but there is always room for one more! Hannah has these little turtle candles in a set that I’ve always liked (decorative ones, obviously… they can’t be burned) and now I get to start a collection of little candles in sea shells! I’m sure we can find plenty more of these on trips to Whitby and Scarborough.

LEGO Creative Train

LEGO Creative Train

LEGO Creative Train!

If you didn’t know, I’m a LEGO fan. I’ve been a LEGO fan since I was a young boy and I’ve grown up with the same creative imagination that comes with building cool things out of small plastic blocks! If LEGO wasn’t the best, the fact that it’s a train is even better. I’m hoping to be travelling on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway sometime next year around my birthday with a present that Hannah bought for me.

Light Up Penguin

Light Up Penguin

It’s a light up penguin!

The next present is… ANOTHER PENGUIN! This one lights up too! It’s unfortunately not one that Hannah and I can hang up on our first Christmas tree, but we have plenty of room in our living room for standing decorations! It’s currently sitting next to our TV with Santa and a candle.

Dalek Keyring

Dalek Keyring

Dalek Keyring with moving parts!

Hannah has grown to enjoy watching Doctor Who since we started our relationship, although she probably doesn’t enjoy it as much as I do. She said that this will have to be a “decorative” keyring because I didn’t want to break the moving parts as they are so small. Keyrings never seem to last if you use them as keyrings. It will get used at some point… just not now.

That’s it for this first quarter! I’m really enjoying this advent calendar and can’t wait to see what I get in the run up to Christmas! It’s going to be exciting.

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