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Attending a Windows 8 dev camp at university

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The Department of Computer Science at the University of Hull held a Windows 8 camp day today (by day I mean afternoon). It was a pretty amazing afternoon with a lot of information that I have taken away and will be able to implement into my Wordbuzz application for Windows 8 including synchronisation between the Windows Phone 7 version of the application which will be released in a new update soon.

Simon Michael from Microsoft came to give us the presentation and the whole thing was full of information. From learning how to use Windows 8 (which it seemed like quite a lot of people need to know instead of writing it off before you’ve even tried it) to the workings of applications and how we can take advantage of the capabilities of the OS. I was really impressed. It’s hard to think of words to describe the event.

Here’s a nice picture of a user interface for Windows 7:

Windows 7 Application Interface

Many thanks to Rob Miles for putting on the event, as well as to Simon Michael and Joanna Tong for coming down to Hull and putting on such a brilliant afternoon of Windows 8 goodness.

Simon decided to give away a few goodies to the audience including a T-Shirt, Windows Phone design booklets, and two of these XMI X-mini v1.1 Capsule Speakers which I managed to get my hands on. Everyone got some Windows Phone stickers, although I was hoping for a Windows 8 one to stick on my laptop but nevermind. I guess the old Windows Vista sticker will have to stay for now. Yep, even my old Vista laptop will run Windows 8!

If a Windows 8 camp day is coming near you I would suggest registering for it!

Now to my application, I’m definitely going to look into adding charm settings for my application, as well as contracts for searching and sharing news articles from in Wordbuzz. There seems to be a lot more that you can do with Windows 8 than I initially expected. I think that creating Wordbuzz as a great app and managing to get it ready for the launch of the full Microsoft Store is going to be difficult but hopefully I can get it done in between a 9-5 software development job with SEED software, developing my gadgeteer security system and the miscellaneous things that I will be doing to enjoy my summer holiday weekends.

Keep tuned for my on my Windows 8 development projects as well as .NET Gadgeteer.

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