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Taking advantage of the Live SDK in Wordbuzz for Windows Phone

By 10th June 2012 No Comments

The other day when I was at the Windows 8 camp I asked a question to see if it was possible to use the Live SDK with Windows 8 and fortunately it is. I’ve started implementing the accessibility to Skydrive into my Wordbuzz app for Windows Phone as it needs a serious update after the way I structured the call from the web failed and has caused the app to become useless so all current users can’t use it. The current update will fix all the network problems and will have new features including the connection to Skydrive to allow users to synchronise their Windows Phone version of Wordbuzz and the Windows 8 version!

This screenshot is where I’m currently at with completing the new update. It’s a complete redesign from the previous version. I want the Windows 8 version and the phone’s to sort of look and work the same so the layout and colours aren’t set in stone. I’ve also added Secondary Live tile support for users to pin their favourite groups to their home screen. The good thing about these Secondary pins is that even if the user deletes the topic from in app, the tile will still load the group that it pinned and keep it up to date rather than just loading it’s last previous stored content!

I’ve also allowed for reading the content in a landscape view to make it feel more like the Windows 8 version. As you can tell from the constant references, I’m trying to make the two look very similar so that the user feels comfortable when going between the two.

If you have a use for Skydrive in your app I recommend getting the Live SDK and implementing it. It’s proving very useful!

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