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Joining the Nokia Premium Developer Program for Lumia

By 4th April 2013 No Comments
Nokia Premium Cube

Nokia Premium Cube

I was quite surprised the other day when I received an e-mail from Nokia letting me know that I had access to their Nokia Premium Developer program for Lumia free (worth $99 with tools and services that come to a value of up to $1,500).

Included in the package is:

I can’t take advantage of the 1 year membership with the Windows Phone developer account as I already have one, unless I decide to set up an account for something, but it will be great to use Telerik’s RadControls in my application. I have trialled the RadControls for Windows Phone before and it was amazing. I think for $99 USD, you get a lot. The Windows Phone developer accounts are that price just for the year and combined with RadControls you’ve got a package just there to get you started making some amazing applications for Windows Phone!

Nokia also provides developers with samples for Windows Phone apps using specific Nokia APIs for developing apps for Nokia Lumia devices. I’m really looking forward to getting back into app development again after finishing my internship placement. I will definitely be releasing apps to both the Windows Phone and Windows 8 stores over the summer holidays and I also have to complete my Imagine Cup project and have it ready for the April 15th submission date. Everything is near enough done. I just need to have a chat with Rob Miles before putting everything into a package. I think for a first attempt at a project for Imagine Cup, I’ve done okay. It has definitely been hard trying to do my project as well as having my internship. I will definitely be entering again next year. It has been a great experience.

If you’re interested in Nokia Premium Developer account for developing Windows Phone applications, hop over to http://www.developer.nokia.com/ and register today.

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