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Playing with NFC tags with Windows Phone

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Ooo an NFC tag. I went to see Rob today about my final year project proposal which he seems to think is very good which I’m not that surprised as it will consist of .NET Gadgeteer and Windows Phone. Some people may wonder “he’s not going to make a year long project out of .NET Gadgeteer development”, well although the development for .NET Gadgeteer is relatively easy, final year projects are more to do with research and your learning outcomes from doing the project and not delivering a finished product itself.

Back on NFC, after I showed Rob my proposal and he nodded away, he got out an NFC tag for me to have a play with and possibly be something that I should consider for my FYP. I love just playing with new exciting things so me being me went back to the office and immediately wrote some information to it which sends a message to your Twitter account! And it worked too!

NFC Reader

When you tap the Windows Phone 8 NFC enabled device against the tag, a message pops up asking you to confirm you want to access the content of the tag. It then goes off into Internet Explorer, loads up twitter and puts in the content of the tag into the post ready for you to post to your account!

NFC to Twitter

Although this isn’t going to be how I will use the NFC tag for my project, I can look into it and see what cool things I can do with it. There will definitely be more posts about my project and all the little things I’m using to build it up over the next academic year. I also only have just about 3 months left at Seed until I leave and get back into education so there will also be a sudden increase in blog posts by then when I’m not so busy.

If you would like to buy some NFC tags of your own, click the link here: http://rapidnfc.com/. You can get 10 for £4, and the more you buy the more you save. Or you can buy NFC wristbands or even get tags with your own custom design on them! I’m sure I will be getting more.

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