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Reached the 10,000th app download milestone!

By 2nd October 2012 2 Comments
10000th Download

10000th Download

While I haven’t done much app development for a while with work, I haven’t really checked on my Windows Phone downloads until I remembered right this moment as I write this blog post. I missed it by a full month… woops.

Now to most people 10,000 downloads probably doesn’t seem all that much but from 9 “not so great” apps, I feel that I’ve accomplished something at least. Unfortunately, I don’t feel that the designs for my apps are that great and some of the game logic was quite poor, and I think I have got a lot better at programming since I started Windows Phone app development in March last year. So, I am going to re-write all of my applications to a standard where I think they are the best I can do at this moment in time. I will also be attempting to make all of my Windows Phone apps on Android and eventually iOS. But for now just Windows Phone and Android.

For any new students who are reading this post through Hull Comp Sci Blogs, I encourage you all to take up Windows Phone development as soon as possible. If Rob sets you a task in a lab, give it a go on Windows Phone too! Get to know the platform and develop for it. I take back anything I have ever said about the platform, but I do still agree that what Microsoft have done with it is wrong. Windows Phone 7 was basically a demo for Windows Phone 8. But it’s a great one to start on especially with you all learning C# this year.

While I update my apps, I will be doing a blog post with it showing code and all sorts of examples for people to look at! Keep an eye out for those coming soon!

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