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Updating the student news website for The Hullfire

By 26th September 2012 2 Comments
The Hullfire Website

The “New” Hullfire Website

As the title says, The Hullfire website is now live. If you’re wondering why I am blogging about this, it is because I have been working with The Hullfire to update their website and put a fresh new face on it. The Hullfire is the Hull University Union’s monthly newspaper which is put together by some talented writers from around the university.

The "Old" Hullfire Website

The “Old” Hullfire Website

This is what the website used to look like. It was looking pretty good but there were errors in modules and all sorts of problems that had been the result of neglect for the website by previous Hullfire members. The online editor reached out for a member of his team who knew anything about Joomla and he was pointed in my direction by my girlfriend. He told me that he wanted the website to be refreshed and looking new for the next academic year. After looking at the old website, I thought to myself “what have I got myself into”. The content was formatted differently on every article due to people using different styling in Word and then the content just getting copy and pasted in. From previous use of Joomla, I have never taken to pasting content from Word as it just screws everything up. Not only that, but the website required more than just Joomla admin changes. I had to make stylesheet changes and modify modules to work properly with the website.

Quick note for anyone thinking of using Joomla, if you are pasting content, paste it into notepad first. The content will become unformatted with no styling and then you can just plonk it into your self and it should reset to Arial or whatever you have as your default font.

After working on the website for sometime, errors started cropping up in the old database, and it just caused us to re-start the website entirely from scratch. I created new themes for the website, and laid out everything on the pages to how I thought that a news website should look and personally, I am very happy with the way the website has turned out.

I will be working on style changes and various bits and bobs on the website throughout the academic year, and maybe hopefully I can find myself a place within The Hullfire team 🙂 I’m glad that the editor reached out to a student who actually knew what they were doing.

I hope that everyone enjoys reading The Hullfire newspaper which can be picked up in the student union, and you can access all of the content and more online!

So why not visit the website @ www.thehullfire.com – You can even read a digital copy of the paper thanks to Issuu. There is also an Issuu mobile application for Android devices where you can read the paper on your phone and subscribe to every copy uploaded!

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