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How to: Install the iPhone and iPad website emulators for Visual Studio

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iPhone and iPad Web Emulator

iPhone and iPad Web Emulator for Windows

As I have mentioned in a previous post about working on updating Seed Software’s website, I have also been creating an MVC mobile version of the website which is the same as the main website just styled for a mobile device with less functionality such as Javascript. One of the problems I have been having is I only have an iPad for testing the website on, and although the iPad still runs the same Safari browser as iPhones, the device resolution is different and the site will look different one each. Welcome the iPhone and iPad Browser Emulation tool by Electric Plum.

I came across the tools when I installed Microsoft WebMatrix 2. WebMatrix is a tool for creating websites quite easily. If you download WebMatrix 2, you can then install the emulators by going to the Browser Extension. You can access this by opening a project or creating a new one and clicking on the Run menu.

You can also install an emulator for Windows Phone browser, but unfortunately it doesn’t run on Windows 8 so I can deal with that as I have a Nokia Lumia 800. I also have an Android phone too to test on so I’m pretty much set apart from Blackberry.

Now once you have installed the emulators through WebMatrix, you can find the executable here: C:UsersUsernameAppDataLocalMicrosoftWebMatrixExtensions20

If you go into VS2012 and open up your MVC application, where you can Debug the application in the browser of your choice, pull down the drop down menu and add a new browser by pointing to the executable in the WebMatrix folder. If you set the arguments to “1” you will get an iPhone emulator, and if you set it to “2” you will get one for iPad.

And there you go, you now have an iPhone and iPad emulator for your MVC applications! You can upgrade the emulators from Electric Plum for $39.99 (USD) which gives you a ton more features. The free version is just the browser with no developer console or anything which you get with an actual iDevice.

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