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The Hullfire

The Hullfire

Hello fellow University of Hull students. As some people may know, I am the new Online editor for The Hullfire which means that I have control over the website and take responsibility for putting the newspapers content up as well as having my online exclusive section for science, technology and gaming. Last year, I worked voluntarily on building up The Hullfire’s current website to what you see today and using the skills I know through web development to bring The Hullfire’s online presence to many.

Platform Expos

Platform Expos

I have been quite quick to jump into the role and have already been in contact with many local businesses in the science, technology and gaming areas including Platform Expos meaning that there could be opportunities to do some press coverage for the gaming events that go on in the local area. This could be a great way for you to make connections in technology and a great way to get your content to a wider audience. Last year saw the relaunch of The Hullfire’s website and within a year the total hits for articles on the website has come to over 100,000.  While this number may not seem a lot to many, you need to take into account that The Hullfire only produces 6 newspapers per year.

Join The Hullfire!

If you’d like to write for my science, technology and gaming section, then please drop me an e-mail (preferably off your university account so I know you’re a student) or contact me on Twitter (@jamzc92), or if you have me on Facebook then send me a message. I should get access to my online e-mail account for The Hullfire soon so when I do, I will e-mail you all from there. Don’t be put off by the fact that this is a science & technology section and you aren’t a science student. This section is open up to any great writers out there who just take an interest in science in general. I am writing up a list of potential articles that I would like writers to prepare for fresher’s week also, so it would be great if you could get back to me as soon as possible and if you’re up for writing an article over summer then that would be perfect!

Also, if any science, technology or gaming societies would like to have their society featured in an online article for my section ready for fresher’s week, drop me an e-mail too or contact me through social media sites and if possible, give a little description about what your society is about and can do for the new students arriving in September!

Finally, let me know in the comment section below what you think of the current website,, and what you feel doesn’t work for you as a general user. Stylistic flaws have already been accounted for so please don’t bombard me with those issues. Thanks!

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