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I was on the Windows Phone Central app for Windows Phone yesterday when I caught eye of this amazing article for a concept Windows Phone called Windows Phone Surface Nova. The designer has put some sweet features into this concept for Windows Phone which I’m sure would please anyone wanting a new mobile phone. Especially the techies among us. The video clip above showing the Windows Phone Surface-N concept is just stunning. Some amazing features the designer has integrated into his concept that I would really love in my Windows Phone are the grouping apps in the menu and “Emotion Theme”.

Windows Phone Notification Center Concept

Windows Phone Notification Center Concept

From the other features in the video, I hear so many people complain that there isn’t a notification center in Windows Phone. Personally, isn’t that what the Live Tiles and Lock Screen notifications are for? I understand that with the lock screen you can only have one detailed status notification and 5 icon notifications. It might be me, but having had iOS and Android, I really dislike the notification centers on the devices. If you don’t bother emptying your notifications you end up with a cluttered mess of notifications from weeks ago. There probably is a way to set it so they clear but I had so many apps on my iPad that I was spending ages clearing all the notifications for the various apps I used. For some people it may seem like a great idea for Windows Phone to have a swipe to the right and bring up a notification center but if Microsoft are going to add this, I hope they do something that still ties in with the Modern UI that users love with Windows Phone and Windows 8.

Grouping apps is something that I would love to see in a future update for Windows Phone. I do like the way that it is implemented currently but that may just be based on me using Windows Phone since its release nearly 3 years ago but I do think that newcomers to the platform who have migrated from iOS or Android might like the ability to organise the app list. Windows Phone already lets you have full control over the Live Tile hub of the devices and there are some apps on the marketplace that will allow you to categorise your Live Tiles but I can see some people maybe wanting some form of personal organisation. Personally I like it the way it is but would still be on board having this cool feature.

Finally, Emotion Theme. Just wow. The only issue with this is that it is a combination between the hardware and software meaning that if it was a feature ever introduced (not likely but still a cool concept), people would have to buy a new phone if they wanted it. Apart from that downside though, it looks awesome. I understand how concepts work but I would love to see a concept actually become the final product. Having your phone actually change colour to the theme colour you set on the phone. Who wouldn’t want that? It would also mean I wouldn’t have to buy a coloured case to match the colour of the theme. Combined with being able to choose your own colour and not having preset ones would even make the device more personal to the user.

Its amazing getting to see how amazing people’s imagination is. I’m excited to see where Microsoft are going with Windows Phone and Windows 8.

Source: WPCentral

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