Updated Windows 8 Consumer Preview to Release Preview!

By 1st June 2012 No Comments

Last night I was made aware of the recent update to the Windows 8 operating system with the Release Preview (which hopefully means it will be fully released soon *fingers crossed*). Unfortunately, updating from the Consumer Preview to Release requires you to do a clean install which was a bit of a downer, but with all nice updates with Windows, it backed up all my files and put them in a nice folder for me to get at after it had finished installing.

I’ve found a little problem with the recent update already. There seems to be broken icon in Windows Explorer. I don’t know if this is just my laptop, or that there is an actual problem. Here’s what it looks like:

But I’m not all that bothered about that because I don’t think I ever use this bar. One thing that I have noticed but maybe it’s because I never tried it before, is that when you are copying multiple things and deleting things at the same time, everything is in one place instead of having all those annoying pop-ups. This is what I mean:

I know that the graph has been there for ages and I thought that with that addition the copy/delete process was brilliant. Seeing this just was too much and I think it’s awesome. I think Microsoft are near enough there with Windows 8 now.

One thing that I found out the other day is that Microsoft are working on removing any references in the OS to the old Start Menu so that people hacking around with the OS can’t get it back which makes me happy 🙂

Also installed the new Visual Studio 2012 RC. I’m glad they decided to change the name from 2011 to 2012. It makes sense now. Time to get on with some Windows 8 application development I think!

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