Microsoft MVP and Lecturer, Rob Miles on the TV!

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Rob Miles on the TV

Rob Miles on the TV!

I don’t have a good TV with an aerial plugged into it so I had to take pictures of this poor brick of a TV with all of it’s flicker. As you can see from this shoddy picture, Rob was sporting his Lego wristwatch… typical Rob.

As I’m sure every University of Hull Computer Science student will know, Rob Miles has made it onto the big screen. Unfortunately not in a movie or even as an actor, but he managed to get some air time on Newsnight on BBC 2. I’m also pretty sure more of these blog posts will be cropping up soon enough, even on the blog of the man himself.

Imagine Cup Winners, quadSquad

I assumed that the reason for him being on air would be for Imagine Cup, although the topic discussed was pretty much an attack on computer scientists. Even the woman who was doing the voice over was pretty rude just talking over the Ukrainian team who developed EnableTalk which is a device which can convert sign language into text/speech.

To be quite honest, as a computer scientist I think that the idea is brilliant and should be taken to by the deaf community. Devices are developed all the time to help the impaired, and they use them. Something like this would be brilliant to allow people who don’t understand sign language to be able to have some sort of conversation with a deaf person.

I’m all about the future for technology, and I think that anyone who isn’t should realise that technology IS the future.

A Praise to Rob Miles

I think a round of applause for Rob is in order. *claps*

Rob Miles inspires so many of the students who attend the University of Hull. This is a reason why I nominated him for a Teaching Award last semester. He deserved the award that he won for “Inspiring Teaching”. Although, he isn’t the only member of staff that deserves praise in our department. Every member of staff in our department is welcoming and bring such an amazing atmosphere to the department as a whole. I would recommend that any students at college or sixth form interested in a degree in CS should consider our university and the department of computer science.

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