The importance of making backups

By 18th October 2012 No Comments


Yesterday evening I was searching through my files on my internal hard drives to find my software/app solutions for Visual Studio. After a good search, I thought “Ah. I must have left them on my external hard drive when I upgraded to Windows 8”. So I went in search of that. Once I had found it and plugged it into my computer, I got that dreaded pop up that no one likes to see:

“You need to format the disk in drive X: before you can use it”.

Now I also deleted the Windows.old folder that is created when you upgrade so I haven’t got any of my solution files, which means I can’t update any of the apps I’ve created unless I start them again which is a right pain.

Remember to keep backups of things more than once. I think I will start putting my stuff on Git from now on…

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