Got my hands on a Nokia Lumia 920

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Nokia Lumia 800 / 920

Nokia Lumia 800 / 920

I have always had a love for Windows Phone since I had a play on Rob Miles‘ Samsung Omnia 7 in my first year at University. I too then also got a Samsung Omnia 7 shortly after and the love just grew more and more. Before I kick off my thoughts on the phone, I would like to point out that although I think Windows Phone is awesome, I do also like how Android has progressed since I used it with my HTC Wildfire. The Samsung Galaxy S3 that I have sold to get the Nokia Lumia 920 was just perfect and worked even better when I had installed Jelly Bean.

Like Rob, I wasn’t allowed a Red or Yellow Nokia Lumia 920 because they had ran out 🙁 But I did settle for the black device which takes me back to using the Nokia Lumia 800 which I had before my Samsung Galaxy S3. I managed to catch a glimpse of the number of Nokia Lumia 920s that they had left and it was very few, although the stock for the Nokia Lumia 820 seemed to be a lot larger.

I’ve only had a little play with the phone so far and I’ve got to say, it’s been missed. The extra features on the phone just make it more worth while. I’ve been playing with the Windows Phone 8 SDK for quite a few months now and was really liking the way they had even opened up the emulator to allow full phone access rather than locking it down to just being able to use a few features. A few things that I noticed when having a flick around the menus and having a mess around with the features on the phone is how quick it is and how different the animations are from Windows Phone 7. Maybe they are the same and it’s just that the phone speed is making them seem more fluid but I like it!

I am going to be developer unlocking the phone soon to do my app testing on for the Windows Phone 8 apps that I’ve been working on for the past few months. Unfortunately I haven’t had a play with Direct X games yet, only those traditional applications that we all know and love. I’ve also been keeping the libraries for my apps working across both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 so that I can release companion apps for the devices one of which I believe is nearly ready for market but I am keeping it under wraps for now 😉

I will hopefully be able to order my free wireless charging kit from Nokia when their website lets me order it 🙁 According to the site it won’t be available until the 16th so I will be ordering that then and will enjoy the novelty of putting my phone on a pad to charge it instead of fumbling around looking for the charging cable at night.

I would definitely recommend people getting a Windows Phone device, whether it be a HTC, Samsung or the amazing Nokia Lumia range! It is definitely worth it.

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