Hands on with my Nokia Lumia 800

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This isn’t mine, but its the same phone so…

Quite a few months ago I managed to get my hands on a Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone through the Windows Phone UK Developer Rewards Programme. Basically, UK developers could sign up to this website and you would provide them with your developer name and a few more details like your home address. When you submitted applications to the marketplace after registering, they would download your apps and test them to make sure that they met their standards for a good application and would reward you with a single point. Even after one point you could bag yourself some goodies, but I was holding out for the Lumia. It was four pointer, and required me to develop four different apps for the device, but I managed to grab all my points before the scheme finished running allowing me to get my very own Lumia 800 for FREE!

Ever since I got it I’ve loved it. Its absolutely fantastic. The only down side is that I miss the size of the Samsung Omnia 7 I had before. I have quite big hands so I like a phone that fits nicely, but I’m not all that bothered anymore after getting used to it. After seeing that the Lumia 900 had come out in the US, I immediately wanted it. It’s size is bigger, and it has a few improved specs than the 800. I’ve gone about it having a front facing camera to people who have replied with “Who even uses a front facing camera?”. Well with the introduction of the Skype app, I’ve not been able to take up it’s full functionality as the Lumia 800 doesn’t have that front facing camera. Instead I go to my iPad and use that instead for Skype. It’s nice to have that mobile chat, rather than sitting at your computer and skyping.

I’m really impressed with the new Nokia Lumia phones though. Even the less powerful ones. They have a brilliant design, and the smoothness of the user interface is a lot better than the older Windows Phones. I know that many people are afraid to move away from iPhone and Android to a newcomer in the mobile market, but Windows Phone devices are expanding and are going to become something great. I can’t wait to see what Microsoft bring in the new Apollo update, and hopefully they will ship it out to all devices.

If you’re considering a Windows Phone, don’t ask the in-store assistants at your mobile store because they will just put you off it and try to get you purchasing a device that they prefer because they can’t be bothered to try something new. I’ve been a Windows Phone 7 user since it was released and I’m never going to change back.

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