A review of the Apple iPad from a Windows user

By 10th September 2013 No Comments

I take a look at the latest version of the iOS 7 operating system for Apple products running on our iPad 2. As a Windows Power user, please excuse my tendencies to compare this tablet to Windows!

We go into the details about the cool new features available in the OS as well as reviewing each of the new Apple specific apps including the calendar, messaging, Safari and more!

What do you think about iOS 7? Do you think it’s a rip off of the new Windows interface? Do you think the designer should be sacked? Let me know in the comments below! Best comments will be featured in my next video!

Author James Croft

James is a senior software developer for Black Marble and Microsoft MVP in Windows Development with over 6 years of experience developing applications for the Windows platform. James’s passion for learning new technologies gives him the opportunities to expose them to the wider community through tutorials, lessons learned and best practices through his online blog site, personal YouTube channel, and local communities through talks at events, schools and universities.

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