Microsoft Tag will become discontinued in 2015

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Microsoft Tag

Microsoft Tag

Microsoft Tag will be discontinued on August 19th 2015. Unfortunately, QR definitely beat Microsoft to the game with this “tagging” feature and it must appear that not many people are using the service any more.

I had originally started using the Microsoft Tag service back in 2010 as a way to get people to download my apps on their Windows Phone 7 devices and not using QR. Back then I thought this was a great idea and the services that Microsoft Tag provided were actually far superior to QR in the way that Microsoft had implemented them, it seems that I too moved on.

It also means that I won’t be scanning Rob Miles’ office door every time I walk past it any more which is a shame. He sure did love his Microsoft Tags. Back in 2009 (when I wasn’t a student at the University of Hull unfortunately but I was in fact following Rob’s blog for some time after going to an open day), he posted up this Microsoft Tag treasure hunt: While the links may seem out of date, there’s no harm in playing a good MS Tag treasure hunt before the service is shut down! Our Computer Science department even prints shirts every year for our open days with a Microsoft Tag on them to a special website designed for prospective students.

However it isn’t all bad news folks. Scanbuy are going to support the Microsoft Tag technology on their ScanLife platform in September this year. A little more bad news however, ScanLife is a premium service so you’ll have to pay to migrate your tags over there.

You’re going to be missed Microsoft Tag.

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