Over the last few years, I’ve been developing Windows applications for public and private consumption providing unique app experience throughout. This sparked an idea to provide a collection of sample applications that focus on the user experience and functionality over specific features.

That idea is now becoming a reality as I start, from the ground up, writing custom UWP sample applications which showcase some of the things that developers can do when they take the individual API samples provided by Microsoft and put them together into a single application with purpose. This is all hosted up on my personal GitHub account!

Hopefully, this will provide a hub for aspiring app developers to get an insight into what they can do to enhance the user experience of their own applications, allowing them the ability to lift and leverage code from the samples.

I’m starting the development with a TV/Movies application which will provide an example of how you might tackle developing an app similar to Netflix, Hulu or the BBC iPlayer. All of my samples will start with basics of functionality and will build on experiences when complete.

This idea is going to be open to other developers too though! If you’re an app developer looking to provide your own unique app samples, feel free to contribute to the project and make it an incredible hub for developers.

I will also commit to adding and improving all of the app samples that exist in the hub over time which will include updates to functionality that comes in future Windows SDK releases so keep yourself up to date on the repo by watching and starring!

Feel free to leave any comments about the project below! It would be awesome to get developer feedback and definitely helpful for you to fork and add some samples too!

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