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There’s a disco in my room – Fun with .NET Micro Framework

By 24th March 2012 No Comments

There has been a lot of light flashing going on at the moment in my house. Yesterday, I managed to add custom fonts into my solution and get them working on the screen which I am very proud of. It took a little fiddling with the FEZ drivers which are installed on the device but it was worth it to get the fonts working.

I am now carrying on with my controller development and will be going beyond what I have already been taught in the Electronics module lectures by implementing a web server which will allow the user of the robot to get more information that can be provided on the screen of the FEZ touch controller.

I am writing a couple of basic web pages and sending the information through the Ethernet port of the FEZ connect shield. I’ve not done a lot of web development for a while apart from the basics of my website.

I am currently storing the web pages on a micro SD card which is inserted into the FEZ Panda II device and I will hopefully be able to get this working soon. Keep an eye out on my blog for more information about the web server.


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