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More Robots! – Fun with .NET Micro Framework

By 21st March 2012 No Comments

Rob has finally given the Electronics and Interfacing module the criteria for the coursework and I thought that I may as well get cracking with the coursework straight away. I have really been enjoying the .NET Micro Framework and the robots that we are creating. They are very fun and are quite easy to develop with when you get into it.

Rob has given us the task as a pair to develop a robot and controller which work together. As the group has odd numbers, I have become the odd one out who is developing the entire coursework project by myself.

As a brief overview of the functionality Rob wants us to include in the coursework includes us developing a controller which sends serial data to the robot which will then make the robot move and check its temperature. It also needs to have a kill switch to easily stop the robot entirely.

From my earlier blog posts about the .NET Micro Framework robots and the Electronics module, I will be implementing the features I already included in my earlier solutions including the Windows Phone style buttons.

I am eager to get on with this project and will be building the robot and controller again from the ground up. I will also be thinking of ideas for how I can expand on what I am already learning for a final year project.


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