As part of my Computer Science course at the University of Hull, I’m currently taking a module with a focus on electronics and interfacing. The specification for the coursework was finally released and I decided to jump straight into the development.

The coursework involves creating a .NET Micro Framework powered robot and a controller that can control it. So far, I’ve been thoroughly impressed by the power inside these little machines so I was quite excited to get cracking on this work.

Like most of my university projects so far, this is another team project where a pair are tasked to create the final solution. One will be focused on developing the robot and the other developing the controller. Unfortunately for me though, our class had odd numbers meaning that I was the one who was tasked to do the entire project alone. This definitely felt like a challenge, particularly with deadlines, but splitting the work up into manageable chunks will help.

Briefly covering what is expected, our lecturer has tasked us to develop a controller which sends data over a serial connection to the robot. The robot will then interpret those commands it receives and move accordingly, or check it’s current temperature. The robot is also required to have a kill switch implemented that will be on the robot itself to stop it from performing any commands when pressed.

I will keep this blog updated with my progress on the development of the project. I have so many fantastic ideas on how I can expand this project outside of the scope of the specification already. This is definitely an area I am exploring when it comes to my final year project next year.

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