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Even MORE Robots! – Fun with .NET Micro Framework

By 22nd March 2012 2 Comments

First of all, I am sorry for posting a lot of blog posts recently about .NET Micro Framework and robots. I have become quite obsessed with the platform and robots.

Today, I added a variable resistor to my robot to control the speed at which it moves when you press the movement buttons on the controller. I initially tried implementing the resistor to work so that you could change the speed as the robot was moving however with the limitations to the .NET Micro Framework, I found this difficult and settled with the basic functionality of being able to control the speed before pressing a movement button.

I have also implemented a kill switch for the robot using a red e-block button which stops all the robots functions until a new movement command has been sent from the controller.

A feature that Rob is keen for me to research into and add into my coursework solution is custom fonts for the touch screen on the controller. Unfortunately, I found it very difficult to find tutorials online for creating a custom font or even how to embed them into the .NET Micro Framework. I took a look through the FEZ_Components_FEZTouch class and noticed how the fonts were working there. From that, I created a custom font class which holds the information for a bitmap font. I then overloaded the DrawString method to take in a font as a parameter and re-wrote the original DrawString method to use the custom font.

I will be able to test the custom font on the FEZ touch when I get back to class after the Easter holidays. I may ask Rob if we can have access to the robots during the Easter period.


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  • Rob Miles says:

    Come and see me and we’ll sort something out with the hardware. I’d like to see it work too. There are some font editing resources somewhere on GHI as I recall, take a look on their forums.

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