Spending Valentine’s Day with Hannah

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I haven’t posted a blog in a while so I decided that I would write one about my valentines day as I like making people feel lonely. Just kidding.

Me and Hannah have been together 1 year and 8 months so have spent two valentines days together 🙂 For occasions like this, I like taking Hannah somewhere without her knowing. I do this for her birthday too so she always gets a surprise.

This year I decided that I would take her to Leeds and booked a table at Casa Mia, an Italian restaurant. Before I get onto the trip, I thought I would let people know what she got/made for me. This year Hannah got me three gifts, something I wanted, something she wanted to get me and a handmade mushy gift 🙂 In the order listed, the gifts were a new hoody, some after shave, and a handmade bag of hearts that have little notes on them from Hannah 🙂 I’ve wanted a new hoody for a while because I normally just wear my coat everywhere and it’s not really an all weather coat. It gets really warm. Hannah took a trip to Officers Club to get it all by herself 😛 she had no idea what I’d like. It’s always had to buy clothes for other people. The aftershave that she bought me smells just like another one that Hannah got for me before which is brilliant as i needed some more and it was a reasonable price! I really love the heart notes though 🙂 They were definitely a mushy love valentines gift. Hannah made the bag for the hearts wither amazing craft skills and her new sewing machine she got for Christmas.

I got Hannah three gifts too in the same format, although I didn’t handmade the “traditional” valentines gift. I got Hannah a Shakespeare DVD which is filmed live from the globe as she needed it for university so it seemed a reasonable gift. I also bought her some chocolates in a heart shaped box which she’s going to make use of after she’s finished eating them 😛 the last gift never arrived on the date it was supposed to so she got it two days after but this present was the one I wanted to buy for her. It was a John Clayton New York skyline cross stitch kit that I knew she wanted but couldn’t find anywhere. Well I tracked it down online! While we were out in Leeds, I also bought Hannah a Tatty Teddy statue from H M Samuels (I think) which is of a couple doing a jigsaw puzzle together while drinking hot chocolate which is just like us! She loved it. It was such an amazing day together.

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