Another Trip to Whitby!

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Whitby Abbey

Whitby Abbey

Back in march, me and my girlfriend took a trip to Whitby and Robin Hood’s Bay. Well last time we went it wasn’t that sunny, and we didn’t go into the Abbey. That was my first trip to Whitby and after seeing the Abbey from a distance, I really wanted to go and have a look. So we took another trip, and this time it was VERY sunny and was perfect weather for visiting the Abbey.

The site is maintained by English Heritage who maintain other historical sites across England including a multitude of castles. The prices for the sites don’t seem to be that expensive and are very affordable. As students, we got into Whitby Abbey at a reduced price which was even better 🙂 I think it cost about £6 each, but for that price we got to visit the ruins as well as viewing the displays of parts of the abbey which have been recovered, as well as a piece of the Abbey from it’s first construction. You can even get a yearly membership which only costs £36 for students, so if people like exploring parts of the UK it gives you the opportunity for an interesting day out.

As well as looking around the site, three members of the staff put on quite a good play about Dracula. Although Hannah informed me that the story was different in some ways, it was still good. I think it was mainly set at children, but the characters that the three played were absolutely hilarious. I would go again just to see it 😛 The play got members of the audience involved and also got us moving about the Abbey as different settings within the play. It was done very well and was enjoyable. I’m sure that the large group of us that had turned for it really enjoyed it.

I’m not sure how long the play is being run at the Abbey but you should go! They perform it at 11.30am, 1.30pm and 3.30pm,. I would recommend people going to the Abbey, not just for the play but for the site itself. Even the town has a very interesting story behind it, although whether any of the things said are true are up to the people who go. I really enjoy the little coastal town and think it makes a brilliant day out!

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