Time To Get Back To University

By 3rd October 2013 No Comments

Robert Blackburn Entrance

On this day, I am officially registered with the University of Hull for another year of study.

After a year out in industry working at Seed Software, I am now ready to complete my degree and get the dream job that I have always wanted and enjoy the rest of my life. While this may sound like I haven’t enjoyed being a student so far, that’s entirely wrong. I wouldn’t be so enthusiastic about my field of study if it wasn’t for the great lecturing that goes on within the Computer Science department at our university. Even without knowing what goes on in other departments around the campus, I could bet that none compare to the level of commitment to help students that our lecturers give (at least they are in their offices when you need them…)

As many of my peers will know, I highly praise our department as proven in this article I wrote last year: Also, I’m hoping that our new first years will start writing their own blog posts and getting them set up with Hull Computer Science Blogs! As Rob Miles would say though, “I digress”.

This year will be full of hard work put into my modules and final year project (which I will heavily discuss on my blog in the coming months), and plenty of job interviews *fingers crossed*. I know how important my final year is now after working in Seed, so I’m going to give it my full attention this year but you can still expect to see the odd post pop up now and again. Probably helpful tips for the current Computer Science first years who are unsure on how to implement something into their work, I’m always handy for that sort of thing so please feel free to ask me questions. Especially if it is related to Windows Phone development. I can even share a bit of my knowledge on .NET Gadgeteer and .NET Micro Framework too!

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