Me and my girlfriend went to the Hull Truck theatre tonight (26th September) to an odd performance that they called “Theatre Brothel”. Although I still don’t understand the meaning behind the naming, I can say that it was an amazing experience. The night consists of different plays which you only get to see two of on the night, but the ones you see depend on very important decisions.

We didn’t know what to expect from the night. When it all got going, we were asked to take a piece of paper (it is a  very important piece of paper), and were there told to make our way into the areas of the theatre that wouldn’t normally be seen by regular folks. There were arrows about for us to follow so we didn’t get lost, apart from in the first room we got into there were arrows pointing in two directions making both me and Hannah completely clueless. We managed to make our way eventually however.

As we followed the arrows “behind the sets”, we were stopped by members of staff who would ask a question which would make us choose one of the two answers to the questions they asked. The answers to the questions determined the route we took about the back of the theatre, and we got to see all of the different areas other than the stage. It’s quite weird how big Hull Truck is when you go around all these sections. Maybe we were going around in circles without even knowing it. We will never know, but it was a brilliant experience.

So no only did the questions determine our route around the theatre, but they also determine the plays you get to  see on the night. Me being awkward went and chose completely different answers to Hannah just because I’m like that.

I’m not going to give any information about the plays we saw away, but from one of the two plays we saw, we got a special gift at the end which included popping candy and much more! The performances were absolutely brilliant and very well put together.

Theatre Brother 2.0 - POPPING CANDY!

Theatre Brother 2.0 – POPPING CANDY!

Theatre Brother 2.0

I hope these pictures and the idea of wandering the Hull Truck theatre have excited you enough to go and adventure for yourself! It was a great experience and I would recommend everyone to go and check it out for yourselves! You can even go on multiple nights and see if you get to watch the other plays.

Have a look at the Theatre Brothel 2.0 @ Hull Truck

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