The Raven – Film Review

By 14th March 2012 No Comments

Today, my girlfriend and I went to see The Raven at the Vue cinema in Princes Quay, Hull. We had already planned on seeing the film at the cinema since we had seen the announcement of it on the list of IMDB films for 2012. At the time, there wasn’t a lot of information on the film other than that it was going to be a film about Edgar Allen Poe.

Hannah is studying English at the University of Hull and as an English student, she was quite excited to watch the film. She also likes the work of Edgar Allen Poe, in particular, The Raven. I was also quite excited to watch the film but for a different reason. I’m a big fan of Cusack. He is a brilliant actor and has played great parts in all the films he has starred in. In The Raven, he plays the part of Poe amazingly. Not only does he play the part well but he’s been dressed up well to look like the iconic portrait of the writer.

As a quick overview of the film, it is about a murderer who is obsessed with the work of Poe. He turns his fictional work into real murders. I wasn’t expecting what I saw when we watched the film. The trailer did not do this film justice. I would recommend this film and if I was to rate it, I would probably give it a 9/10.

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