Becoming The Hullfire’s Online Editor for next year

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The Hullfire

Yesterday afternoon I ran for The Hullfire’s online editor and I was elected! For the past year, although not being the editor, I have been maintaining the website for Claire the current editor. I was recommended to Tristan last summer to bring a new life to the existing Hullfire website. The website you see today has come from developing with Joomla, HTML and CSS.

Although I may be more technical than many of the other editors, I still have abilities in writing/editing that I can bring to the team. Recently, Claire has set-up the Science, Technology and Gaming section which is only online content. In the past, it has seemed that technology has been something missing from The Hullfire which I’m sure plenty of people would agree with. I’m going to be making sure that this section gets regular content just like the newspaper’s sections do and hopefully it will bring in more readers to the paper and website.

I can’t wait to work with the team and with the way The Hullfire has turned out this year, having another successful year!


The Hullfire team still isn’t complete for next year so if you are a student at the University of Hull who has written for The Hullfire and are interested in being part in any of the positions above, get in touch with The Hullfire!

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