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All crowding around Gonzo and Piglet's to see the baby

All crowding around Gonzo and Piglet’s to see the baby

Yesterday marked 1 year that me and my girlfriend have been together! It doesn’t seem like it has been that long, but it has. This year has gone so quickly. To celebrate our year together we went to visit my penguin that I adopted, Gonzo, in Scarborough’s Sea Life & Marine Sanctuary which Hannah got me for my birthday! I’ve loved penguins for such a long time now although I cannot really say why as I don’t know myself. They are fascinating and so cute. Who can’t love them?

We made a day of it and didn’t just go to see my penguin, we went around all of the tanks looking at all of the different sea creatures including octopuses, HUGE crabs, sharks, turtles, seals, otters and even this weird creature called a “leafy seadragon” which was really hard to take a good picture of as it kept moving around and it camouflages very nicely into its tank:

Leafy Sea Dragon

Leafy Sea Dragon at Scarborough

After researching on the creature, it seems that these are near extinct so getting to see one is pretty cool! The really cool thing about these is that they look like seaweed so if you weren’t looking properly, you would just assume that it was seaweed floating around in the tank! Because of it being very dark and the sea dragon moving very fast it was hard to get a very clear picture so from the best ones that I managed to capture I had to enhance them so that you could at least see its outline.

The penguins were definitely the best part of the trip to the sanctuary though! When it came to feeding time at 3pm we finally got to see my adopted penguin who came out of his nesting box with Piglet. Here they are cuddling together, although it was more of a mating performance common in penguins with Gonzo slapping Piglets back with its wings:

Gonzo and Piglet Cuddling

Gonzo and Piglet Cuddling

When the food came out the two went away into their nest box to look after their baby which meant that they got fed last inside the box. With all of the penguins surrounding their box it was hard to see what was going on and even harder to try and catch a glimpse of Peso. When Piglet came to the front of the box to protect the baby some of us were fortunate enough to catch a quick look at the baby but I wasn’t ready with my camera to snap a picture and the closest I got was seeing the baby turn away and go back inside:

Piglet protecting her baby at feeding time

Piglet protecting her baby at feeding time

If you look carefully, it’s that big fluffy ball at the back of the box! Thankfully the internet provides a better picture of Peso being weighed which I was lucky to find:

Peso, Gonzo and Piglet's baby

Peso , Gonzo and Piglet’s baby

It seems that there won’t be much public sight of the penguin for a little while longer as the parents are very protective and won’t let the poor baby penguin venture out to see the 8 other penguins who are all eager to see what all the noise is coming from inside Gonzo and Piglet’s box!

It was an amazing day out and made me and my girlfriend’s 1 year even more special. She has been making a scrapbook of all of the things we’ve done over the past year by collecting little things to stick in it and we are going to keep making it together! I want to end this blog post by telling Hannah that I love you so much <3 Here she is with her octopus plush that I bought for her because she really wanted it!

Hannah's cute Octopus plush

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