Nearly done my university coursework!

By 17th April 2012 No Comments

So now that I’m back at uni, the work flow has slowly decreased because I spend most of my time in lectures (unlike some people).

Today I got a chance to work on my .NET Micro Framework stuff! I’m really impressed by it. I’ve completed everything to specification which includes:

– Sending messages over a serial port to the robot from a controller to move the robot, get its temperature and kill the motor.

I also implemented a few bits of my own which wasn’t on the spec, but Rob pushed me to do more! So I have a variable resistor to control the speed of the motors, a web server running off the controller so users can see the information on a nice webpage, and I’ve started implementing IR using a receiver and a remote control which Rob kindly let me use. I’m getting there with it and hopefully I will be able to decode the signals properly from each of the buttons! Then I will be on my way.

I’ve also been working a bit on my Probability Machine. It’s getting there. Collisions are all done now, I just need to make the walls more than just a single plane. It will look fancy then. Then I need to add textures, and I think that one will be packaged and ready to go.

For a little amusement for the day, heres a picture of what you get when your lecturer tells you something is as slow as mince. Then at the end of the lecture asking him what if the mince was frozen. Enjoy!

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