My Birthday, Manchester and Emilie Autumn

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My blog isn’t just about programming. I just want to take up a single space in my blog to post about my birthday which was on the 14th. Me and my girlfriend took a trip to the city of Manchester. It was so long and there were people working on the motorway. I don’t like driving around at 50mph, and closing a lane isn’t an option in my eyes. Who works on a long stretch of motorway anyway? So after the nearly 2 hour journey, we got parked up, which also was the hardest thing ever. Trying to find parking in Manchester was horrific. The car park we found wasn’t even sign posted like they are supposed to be. So we got parked, and started our trip around the centre.

When we got into the centre there are trams everywhere. I’ve never seen a tram before and I was very disappointed that they weren’t like the ones you see in films. No, they are basically a city train where people can just walk on the tracks and it doesn’t matter if there is a tram coming because people have no common sense. After finding Manchester Arndale, we just browsed the shops to waste a bit of time. I was surprised at how busy it was, but it was a Saturday so I couldn’t really complain. We then went around the shops outside of the shopping centre, stopped off at McDonalds for a quick dinner (MORE MONOPOLY PIECES!).

We then went in search of Manchester’s “China Town” as we had seen it sign posted on the drive in. When we found it, we found this amazing shop which sold collectible figurines, anime and gadgets. But because it seemed like no one was in the shop apart from the one person behind the counter, we didn’t go in 🙁 Next time we go, I’m going in whether there are people in there or not. It looked awesome!

At about 6, we moved the car to a car park which let you stay longer than just 4 hours which turned out was just round the corner… literally. My girlfriend wanted to go and see Emilie Autumn who is an amazing singer-songwriter who is just incredible. I’ve never heard music like hers before, and I don’t think I ever will. When I first heard a few of her songs, I wasn’t taken to it. Like all music, it takes time to like something. I’m open to all kinds of music. I listen to literally anything.

We stood in a queue for nearly an hour just to get into the HMV Ritz in Manchester. The queue was filled with all different people, all dressed very differently. And I mean differently. I feel that quite a lot of people were very cold stood in that queue. When we finally got in and the show began everything was amazing! When I saw show, I mean show. You would assume as a musician, we just went for a concert performance. But no, this was something else. So after a two hour show from EA and the Bloody Crumpets, we paid the nearly 20 pound parking to drive home. I didn’t know that motorway workers work at night and decide to close the entire motorway from Manchester to Hull. So after leaving the motorway with the rest of the traffic, my sat nav took me in circles for about 10 minutes until I just took a turn which my sat nav didn’t want me to take and let it re route. We finally got back at about midnight which wasn’t that bad. I was tired though.

I had a great birthday in Manchester, some amazing presents from my family, my girlfriend and her parents, and a really delicious birthday cake which was made by my amazing girlfriend! It was very tasty.

To finish all this off, if you’re into your really gothic style alternative poetic music, then have a listen to EA. She’s amazing, and it’s not the last time I will be going to see her. Roll on next year.

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