Celebrating my 21st birthday

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Well as many of my Facebook friends will have known, my birthday was on Sunday (14th April). I went home to Skegness with Hannah to celebrate it with my family. It doesn’t feel that long ago since I was at home for Easter, but it was great to go back home.

I got loads of presents from my parents. I told my mum not to buy me much but she went ahead and bought loads. From my parents I got some 21st birthday gifts that you might get when you’re 21.



I also got clothes which I was desperately in need of. Well Hannah might say I was in need of but I’m usually happy with just one pair of jeans. Make them last until they get holes then just buy a new pair. So my mum has bought me two new pairs! I also got some t-shirts. As well as those, I got some new shoes which fit! The reason I say that they fit is that I have weird feet. My feet are quite wide and its hard to get a pair of shoes that fit properly. I always seem to have different sizes of shoes but they range from 10-12. So I asked my mum what type of shoes she was buying because she asked me for the size so I risked going with the 10. Regular shoes are normally a 10 for me.


My mum also bought me a tankard that is engraved with my 21st birthday. Although it looks tempting to use, I think my mum wants me to save it as a present to keep.


I also got a signed copy of Exodus Code, a Torchwood book signed by both John and Carol. I also got a signed Walking Dead graphic novel!



My brothers also got me presents. I got some more clothes and toffee from Michael and Thomas bought me this:


My nan also came around to see me which was surprising! I saw my nan during my Easter holiday and it was the first time that she had met with Hannah. I think my nan approved! My nan bought me a gift to keep also bought she does want me to wear it! She got me a ring which looks amazing. I now need to think of which finger it needs to go on.


Hannah also got me two keep gifts and another gift for our holiday which I will go onto later. The first of the two keep gifts is an amazing wooden block which has been designed using the artwork in the copy of The Secret Garden that Hannah bought me. She had shown me the blocks before when she entered a competition ran by the creator to win some with Alice in Wonderland artwork on. Hannah has linked to the creator of the wooden blocks on her blog here:


The second gift is one that Hannah really liked and she knew that I’d like it too! It’s a felt penguin! I’m starting to get quite a collection of penguins on my desk. I will soon need another one to put all of my computer stuff on! However it does deserve the desk space 😛 It is so amazing. The penguin also has little tiny feet. The detail put into this is amazing and the person who made it is amazing at felting. I think Hannah should give it a go. She loves her crafts.

The present for the holidays is fantastic. I said to Hannah that when we travel to London for 4 days in June that we should definitely go on a boat on the Thames. I’ve been before and I enjoy boats. I don’t know why but I think I could own a boat. I’m sure that using Rob’s methodology of “when you’re asked how much it will cost, use an item as value” for making software, I could eventually acquire a boat. We also have dinner for two at the Green Park Hilton. We now have a lot to do when we go to London! At least we are making the most of it. We will be going to The Globe Theatre to see Macbeth, St Martins Theatre to see Mousetrap, going to Covent Garden and possibly going to Madame Tussauds. I’ve probably missed things off this list of things we are doing but we are definitely going to make the most of our trip!



And finally, this is the birthday cake that my parents got for me!


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