I have a crochet Zingy!

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EDF Energy Crochet Zingy

My Zingy!

My girlfriend got back from her holiday to Rome on Monday and when I went around to see her the next day, I had some presents waiting for me! The goodies were being protected in this bag by my little Zingy which Hannah crocheted for me. She’s been very busy and has made 4 of these so far. I’ve told her to make a pink one for her Zingy so he has a girlfriend 😛

As well as my Zingy, she brought me back some goodies from her holiday which included a t-shirt and a miniature Roman helmet! My Zingy and helmet are now sat on my desk along with my teddy 🙂

For any crafty folks out there who have stumbled across this page, you can get the pattern for the Zingy crochet here.

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