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Last night, me and my girlfriend went to a short film competition put on by HUUTV which is a television station run by students at the University of Hull. Now, as a student who likes watching films, I was quite surprised by the quality of the films that I saw last night. All of the films were created by students and each had a completely unique story to them.

If I’m going to be honest when I write my blog, I wasn’t all that impressed by the films which were created by students of local colleges. They lacked a good story, and most of them just ended without a proper ending or explaination. But on the plus side, the films which were self created by the students of the university and members of HUUTV were “absolutely fantastic”*.

The one film that really had it for me and got my vote for the Audience Vote award, was “The Expedition”. It was a documentary style short film which was about Shakleton’s next journey to the land of Narnia. I don’t know what it is about the comedy style short films that were shown last night, but every single one of them deserved top spot. The film also won an award for Best Script, although when awarded, apparently no script was written for the film.

There were some great films shown last night, and there seems to be a bit of potential for students at our university to be amazing actors (and actresses).

You can view the HUUTV website here <<

Hopefully the winning short films will be uploaded to their site very soon


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* Needs to be said in the voice of Gary Barlow

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