Today marked my last day as an intern developer at Seed Software. A lot has happened along the 1 year journey including getting locked in my room and experiencing paintball (I’m sure that won’t happen again). I’ve met with some great developers and worked alongside people I wouldn’t normally work with. Although many people love working in groups on projects with their friends, it’s a better experience overcoming the challenges of working with people who you know nothing about.

The experience at Seed has been great though. I think anyone who has gone through an internship year will say that it was worth doing. Not just because you get paid for working, but because the experience you gain is something that students need if they have never worked commercially before. You may feel that you are ready to go into a job but I bet most people actually aren’t and will feel overwhelmed. However I know that I am ready to work now and I know that the experience I’ve gained will even help me finish my university degree to a standard where I will feel satisfied with.

Although along the way I’ve gained great knowledge of a variety of programming languages and learned cool techniques to develop, the one thing that I am more proud of than any piece of work I have produced at Seed is myself. I was definitely the most introverted of the interns when I started Seed. I wasn’t chatty, I didn’t really like to socialise or chat about just anything. I was a work-a-holic and all I wanted to do was just sit and code then go home day in day out. Although I’ve come away knowing that I am still introverted, I am definitely more confident and appear to have gotten very chatty (even my girlfriend’s mum thinks I have gotten more chatty since working… is that a good thing?). A working life and socialising come together. You can’t work in an environment where no-one talks, you would go insane.

I’m glad that Chris gave me the opportunity to be the lead developer on a new project at Seed which I think I have managed and developed quite well and can see it doing very well! I just hope the next interns are as excited to work on it as I was. Although the majority of the application was built by myself, its great getting other developers involved who have no background knowledge of the application or the languages you are developing with and getting them to add features. Working and helping others is just great.

I wish all the best to Harald, Andy, Tom, Alan and especially Chris. Thanks to Emma for two Wispa Gold chocolate bars. Although Will probably doesn’t read my blog, good luck to you when you return to university in Scarborough! It’s nice to work with an actual graphic designer. Good luck to all the new interns who will be taking over in June. And to all the remaining interns at Seed, I can’t wait to see you back at uni next semester. Its been great working with everyone! I will be keeping an eye out on the Seed website. Hoping to see the actual website up at some point 😛

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