Current progress of the Doctor Who puzzle

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Doctor Who Puzzle

At Christmas last year, I got a Doctor Who jigsaw puzzle from my girlfriends parents! Well we didn’t get round to doing it until about a week or so ago because Hannah has been busy with university essays and work and has only recently started back doing actual university days again. Also I work Monday-Friday 9-5 so I only have the evenings that we can work on it, and most of the time I will be at her house so we can’t do it until Friday when she comes round for tea! Well we have been getting on with it and this is where we are now. We weren’t here for a while because we just couldn’t put the pieces together. All of the colours just blend in and the only recognisable pieces were for the larger Dalek at the bottom. Once we got going though we got plenty done and we are on our way to finishing it!

Hopefully it will be finished this Friday but there is still a bit to go and the remaining pieces aren’t looking very obvious to where they need to be.

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