Visiting York, a day out with Hannah

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Yesterday, Me and Hannah took a trip to York for a nice day out seeing as it was very sunny out which makes a change after all this cold and dull weather. We have recently taken to driving to Grimston Bar and getting the “Park & Ride” bus from there into the city centre seeing as it costs £2.60 for the bus return and no parking fee, so it ends up being cheaper than looking for a parking space in town and using the “Pay & Display” method.

We usually take a look around the big shops, get dinner, have a look around some of the smaller shops down Stonegate and then the Shambles but we added a few extras in there. Before I get onto what else we did in York, I am a big fan of Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy (my brother Thomas is too). When walking down Stonegate in York, look out for a shop called “The Armoury”. They sell all sorts of medieval sword replicas and replica guns, but they also sell game/movie replicas too! In the window, I spotted Sora’s Kingdom Key and Cloud’s Buster sword which I had to take a photo of. Although I would love to buy one of the replica swords, I just can’t justify spending so much money on an ornament. Here’s the snap of the swords:

Key Blade & Buster Sword Replicas

The last time that me & Hannah went into the centre of York, I also saw Link’s Master Sword in the window. If it had come with his Hylian Shield I would have got them, but at £70 for the sword, like I said before, I just couldn’t part with that much money for an ornament.

Master Sword

If you’re interested in any of the merchandise that York Armoury sell then head over to their website if you can’t get to York:

Now, on the bus journey into York, Hannah spotted a Quilt Museum which she knew she had to go back and find when we had done looking around the centre. When we found it, she found some amazing fabric that she will be using in one of her sewing projects! I can’t wait to see what she does with them 🙂

We also took a walk along the city walls. You get quite a view from up there of the city and the large gardens. I mentioned that we should take dinner with us next time and eat on the walls. Instead for dinner we got BBQ Chicken Melt paninis at our regular Panini place near Betty’s Tea Rooms. Which then takes me on to fat rascals. Oh my god! It is so tasty. If you don’t know what a fat rascal is, I wouldn’t recommend looking it up. Any description probably gives it not enough detail on how amazing it is. Just got to Betty’s and buy one. It is absolutely amazing. The only reason I ever tried it was because Hannah’s dad really likes them. I was curious as to what they were as it just looked like a big scone (pronounced s cone not s con). But it is just so much more than that. Just thinking about it makes me want one. If you’re curious and can’t get to a Betty’s, then take a look at their description here:,19172.aspx

While we were at Betty’s, we also tried one of their “fancies” that they make. Usually we go for a ganache but Hannah wanted to try this one and seeing as I was getting a fat rascal, it was only fair she got to choose 😛 Here is a picture of that and it was very tasty too:

Betty's Fancy

If you’ve never been to York, I would recommend going. It is a very nice city and is one of the favourites on my list of places I’ve been in Yorkshire.

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