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By 12th April 2012 2 Comments

I’ve been at home in sunny Skegness the past few days so I haven’t wrote a blog. I thought it needed an update so why not an update about coursework seeing as that is all that’s interesting at the moment.

I’m really glad that I got my OpenGL ES Games Architecture coursework finished because I have been able to implement some of the functions I used to create my own sphere into my OpenGL Probability Machine to pick up those extra marks. I have also Object Oriented my probability machine which was quite hard at first. I was looking through my 08227 Advanced Programming lecture notes to work out how inheritance works in C++.  I had no idea what I was doing. Unlike C#, C++ does this silly thing with inheritance where if you don’t override things it throws some linker errors and apparently the ball class was “abstract”. Because I’m not the best C++ programmer, I searched the web for fixes… nothing. Then I read an article explaining that I had to override all my virtual functions otherwise it would make the class abstract. That was one thing out of the way.

Then comes collision detection and collision response using time. Now I’m confused by the lecture slides that our lecturer has given to us for help with time based collision. I know how to do collision detection without time and it’s quite simple. It would be like stepping back into first year and writing my XNA Breakout collision. But I want the higher marks so I’m going to get it done. When collision is complete…. I’M DONE! NO MORE COURSEWORK!

Well I tell a little lie, I have the reports to write for each piece of coursework but that’s not a long job at all. That’s why I left them all to last. I was really hoping to get all my coursework done before the end of the holiday but that’s not happening. Tomorrow I’ve got a little more time to get work done, but it’s my birthday on Saturday and I’m off to Manchester with my girlfriend for the entire day. I don’t actually know what I’m doing Sunday yet but I don’t think it will be available for coursework so I’ve got to get it all done tonight and tomorrow…. well that isn’t going to happen. At least it is just this last piece to do and then I’m finished. I’ve noticed a few people using Google to search for “OpenGL Probability Machine” and stumbling across my blog as WordPress has this handy add-on called Jetpack. Unfortunately you won’t find any help here. Just rambling about my own problems and hopefully someone will come along and give me fixes!

While on the subject of hoping for people to get back in touch with me, I have released an app for Windows Phone called Wordbuzz. I would like some feedback from anyone as to what I can do about interface design and how I can make the app better. I currently have another app that I am working on which is a Social Network application for Windows Phone users which I’ve blogged about. It uses OAuth which is a pain, but nevermind. I am also writing a PC game using OpenGL in 3D, although I wouldn’t mind having a go with Unity. If someone can confirm that Unity can make games with networking then I am happy to give it a go. Its going to be a project which I am just going to develop when I can’t be bothered with anything else. I don’t intend on completing in a hurry so don’t expect much in my blogs. There might be the odd one or two blogs with my concept art and a few development snips and screenshots.

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  • Alex Rodgers says:

    The openGL stuff your doing sounds pretty cool, I’m looking forward to C++ next year (1st year currently). Good luck with the collision response with time issue!

    • James Croft says:

      If you’re on the Games Development course you will be doing 2D OpenGL in your first semester and then 3D in your second. You will more than likely be doing a pool simulator. It seems to alternate with Probability Machine/Pool Simulator. We never get taught how to to 3D XNA but to be honest it’s not needed. OpenGL is great for 3D and is quite simple when you get into it.

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