Contract Upgraded!

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Nokia Lumia / Samsung Galaxy S3

Nokia Lumia / Samsung Galaxy S3

Before I start, I DON’T have a pink Lumia 800.

But I have upgraded my phone contact. It was due for renewal and I couldn’t find a suitable contract to the one I already have. It seems that T Mobile don’t offer unlimited internet on a £10 a month contract anymore. They instead have limits from 250mb – 1GB or unlimited on some of their plans which are a bit more expensive. So just renewing the contract without an upgrade to the phone would mean that I would lose unlimited internet, and as my phone is mainly used for internet related things, I thought I’d need that extra bit. I like T Mobile so I wasn’t up for changing network really, and if I was it would be to Orange. I’ve only ever been on these networks and I’ve always liked the deals they do.

Well today I went into the T Mobile store and got myself the Samsung Galaxy S3 which has unlimited internet! Yahoo! Or should I say “Google”… nevermind.

I’ve been away from Android for nearly 2 years, as I went and bought a Windows Phone 7 device (Samsung Omnia 7) near enough as soon as they were released. I wanted a Windows Phone 7 device since they were announced, but I needed a contract phone even more at the time, and since it had’t been released, I got myself an HTC Wildfire.

Android’s changed quite a bit since I last used it. Everything seems natural though when I’ve been using the phone, although I do quite like the gestures you can do on the screen like swiping with your palm to take a screenshot! If I have one downside to the phone itself though is that it feels cheap in my hand when in comparison to the Lumia 800 which has a bit of weight to it and feels like it was worth all that money that I didn’t spend on it because I got mine for free.

Just because I’ve got an Android phone though, doesn’t mean I’ve given up on Windows Phone. The UI is the best part of the Windows Phone OS and if I could, everything would be designed like it. I love it’s simplicity. I will still develop for the OS, but I think my Android is going to be my main phone now. I will use my Windows Phone for playing awesome games such as Wordament!

If anyone is thinking of getting the Galaxy S3 or even an Android phone for that matter, I would. It’s even better than iPhone which I was also considering getting but the features for the S3 just sealed the deal for me.

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