Been quite busy recently…

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I wish that I had something to post that would show how far I have got with my Gadgeteer project or even Wordbuzz (Windows Phone 7 & Windows 8) but since Monday I have started work at SEED software which is a company situated within the Department of Computer Science at our university.

I will not be stopping work on any of my projects, but they will probably slow down some what. At some point I would like to push the next version of Wordbuzz for Windows Phone and see about getting the Windows 8 version ready for release Marketplace too.

I’ve also just updated my WordPress blog to the latest version and the latest features are quite good! I need to have a look into getting a good Spam Filtering plugin because my website is getting bombed with stupid comments about SEO and other stuff.

I hope to try and post every day but I can’t promise anything!

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James is a .NET developer for Black Marble Ltd. with over 5 years app development experience in Microsoft platforms. He enjoys blogging, helping others learn to code, making YouTube videos, spending time with his girlfriend but most of all, penguins.

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