And the award goes to…. Rob Miles!

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Rob getting his award

Unfortunately, I couldn’t snap a good photo as our table was right at the back.

As people may be aware, last night was the Student Led Teaching Awards at the University all set up by our Union. Every guest was by invitation only, so I was surprised when I received an e-mail telling me that my nomination for Rob Miles for Inspiring Teaching was shortlisted. I’m not really a writer and I don’t think I wrote a very good nomination if I am being honest, but now that the awards are over I think that I should share my nomination with the world.

So here it is:

“Rob Miles has been a lecturer of mine since I started at the university teaching the two main programming modules in the first year where he teaches students how to write programs in C#. As a Microsoft MVP, he is very skilled in all areas of the programming language and shares this knowledge with all of the students that he teaches. He provides a fun and exciting experience to the modules he teaches, full of witty humour which keeps student immersed for the full 50 minutes without them becoming bored, which has been found in many other modules, not just in the department but in the university as a whole. Rob is also very approachable outside of lectures. He is often found in his office working, but will never reject entry on knock. He drops everything for students, and is always pushing students to do more outside of university to gain experience for our futures!

Rob is my lecturer for the “Electronics and Interfacing” module where a group of about 15-20 students are being taught how to build and program robots using .NET Micro Framework. He has got all of the students involved in the module by providing us all with a robot to program with during the timetabled lecture slots. He keeps giving students new components to add and allowing us to explore the programming environment for ourselves as well as providing the help required to complete the module’s coursework.

Rob Miles is an inspiring lecturer and I believe that he deserves the award for all of these reasons.”

Please excuse any grammatical/spelling errors. I’m not an English student you know. Even if I do have spell check 😉

As well as Rob, another member of the departmental staff was nominated for Best Supervisor, Helen Wright, who unfortunately had her prize stolen by a member of the Politics department.

The evening itself was brilliant and being sat at the same table as Rob was amazing. I wasn’t impressed that the seating arrangements meant that I was sat opposite the man himself. Rob even offered me a drink for nominating him which was a kind gesture, but I declined. I think that got me in Rob’s good books. He doesn’t want to be wasting his hard earned money on students.

The event also had a meal which was quite nice. Especially with the amount of people that attended. We had a nice starter (Cream of Tomato Soup) followed by some awards, then our main (Roast Beef with roasties and a Yorkshire pudding), followed by a few more awards), then one of my favourite desserts (Profiteroles). The next award was the one me and Rob had attended the event for.

When they described who the winner was, I knew straight away that Rob had won it. As he was walking up to receive his award, I’m sure that I heard a few people muttering “he’s tall”.

And here he is!

Really this blog post is just to say how amazing our department is as well as how much Rob deserved this award. I hope he realises the impact he has on students. There are many other lecturers who are up there with him, but Rob really makes the first year life for CS students fun and worth joining the university on the CS course.

Well done Rob!

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