Achievement Unlocked: Complete Second Year

By 30th May 2012 No Comments

Developing with Kinect

It’s now come to the end of my second year at university and what a year it’s been. Learning C++, using OpenGL / ES, and developing Micro Framework robots were definitely the highlights of the year. At least now I get to relax… for a week, then I start working at SEED Software as an intern for a year! I’m quite looking forward to it.

For now though I am going to have a nice relaxing week off, with a little bit of programming. I have 10 projects that I would like to get off my list. 6 of them include Windows Phone, 4 include Kinect, 2 Micro Framework, and 2 for Windows 8. Yes, if you noticed this doesn’t add up to 10. That’s obviously because some of my projects are going to use more than one of the devices/hardware said.

Just have to wait for exam results now to make me feel better. Hopefully that first is in the bag! Hopefully when I join back at university in September 2013 I will be completely ready to tackle all that coursework with ease.

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