Bioshock Infinite is beautiful. I didn’t know what to expect when I pre-ordered this game. I waited for it, like many, for a long time anticipating what this new style of Bioshock would be like. Well I’ve not completed the game yet as I have been rather busy with work and other bits and bobs, however what I have played of it so far is just far beyond what I expected. Irrational Games definitely put a lot of effort into making this game so awesome. The level design is just … oh my god I love this game.

Bioshock Infinite is different to the previous two games. A lot different. The basic gameplay from the previous games is still there. Plasmids replaced Vigors, replacing Eve is Salts and all the FPS gun stuff is still there like before but they have brought something new to the franchise.


Unlike most games I play, I didn’t rush into just getting on with the campaign/story. I took a moment to wander around the areas. There is so much detail in this game it is unbelievable. I understand why it was a hefty download.

So the game itself. You play as a character called Booker Dewitt… I wonder if the last name pays homage to “Would you kindly?” i.e. “Do it”. Maybe this is just me thinking too into this game. You character has more of a voice in this game and this comes across a lot when you talk with Elisabeth, the other protagonist of this game. I will try not to spoil much of this game in this little review of mine.


One thing that I normally don’t like about recent games is downloadable content. However, I think I can deal with the fact that Bioshock Infinite has room for DLC. I want to see what will come out of it. I’m hoping that it isn’t just in-game items. I’d like to see some side stories going on.

Bioshock is a game series that I haven’t got bored with by the third game *cough cough* Assassin’s Creed. I don’t think that I will ever lose love for Bioshock. It is one of my favourite games and Infinite has blown this to probably my second most favourite game series. My first is obviously Legend of Zelda. Third would probably be Borderlands.

Even if you aren’t a fan of the first two games, this is definitely one game you should pick up and play. I don’t want to give any of the story away because it takes from playing the game but trust me, you will love it!

You can still get it for PC at a low price from Green Man Gaming here – Bioshock Infinite

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