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More OpenGL Probability Machine

By 15th April 2012 No Comments

I think the titles for my blog posts are pure genius. I am really imaginative! It was also my birthday yesterday! I will put up another blog post later on with all the exciting things that I did and my amazing cake which my girlfriend made for me!

I’ve been working on my probability machine coursework for sometime now. At the minute this is just its basic form. I got in touch with Simon who said it would take no time out to make the walls more than just a plane so I will end up with a machine that looks a lot better than this one.

I’m currently trying to get all my collision working properly. I have Sphere-Cylinder collision working and some of the Sphere-Plane collision working. It’s working though.I think now that I have multiple balls I should probably do Sphere-Sphere collision.

I also decided on not using the gluSphere which is provided with the gxbase. I used the code that I wrote for my Games Architecture coursework to draw spheres in this which uses Vertex Pointers and drawing using glDrawElements. If I can work out how to draw the cylinders the same way, I won’t be using any of the functions which require a quadric.

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