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Messing with textures in OpenGL

By 27th April 2012 No Comments

I’ve completed the main bit of the 3D graphics coursework, all I really need to do now is texture it properly. At the minute the textures aren’t that great and I didn’t bother texturing the balls and pegs, but after consideration, I thought I would texture everything.

I’ve played around a bit, and I thought I was settled with my current texture. Pokeballs?

The texture is some what dodgy because I rushed it on Paint.NET instead of taking time to make it look awesome using Photoshop. I really want to have a theme for it even though it’s just a probability machine. After seeing Codie use an Earth texture on his balls and then me recommending he used all the planets, I wanted a theme.

Someone give me a theme!

It’s either that or I use this texture:

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