While I’ve worked at Seed Software, I’ve gained a liking for web development in all forms. Working on one of their most recent projects, I’ve been able to work with new features in HTML5. I thought that I would dive into the deep end with HTML5 and develop a game using the canvas feature.

The great thing about HTML5 applications is that they work on most modern browsers, meaning that my game will work on all sorts of devices. I’m going to be developing the game so that it will work on touch screen mobile devices, tablets, and even a PC with a mouse. Looking into how the canvas works and how other browsers use touch events, it seems quite simple enough to add into the game.

I’ve got the basic functionality of how I want the game to work and how the user will change through states, it’s now just a case of getting what I know about my game in my head into JavaScript. Then along with that, learning how to work with the Facebook for JavaScript and PHP SDKs so that I can add features of Facebook into my game so that friends can play against or with each other and maybe get it on Facebook as a game to play. I’ve created Facebook applications before but only very basic things that don’t really integrate with the Facebook API and are used for tabs on Fan Pages.

I think that I’d also like to make native applications for mobile OS’ even though the game will still run on mobiles through a web browser. It would cross off one of my 22 before 22‘s to publish a game to the Windows 8 Store.

Enjoy this picture of a poorly drawn cat

Enjoy this picture of a poorly drawn cat

While you wait for me to post more about my experiences with HTML5 canvas and Facebook’s API, why not enjoy this picture of my poor attempt at drawing a cat. As you can see I had to rub it out a few times and left a lot of smudge marks… (I’m not very good at artwork so don’t expect the game to look great).

It is definitely going to be a challenge but I’m going to give it a go and keep my blog updated with posts now and then with my progress. It will keep me busy after I finish work at Seed. Once I’ve finished it, I will probably have a go at playing around with WebGL.

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