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Windows Phone to .NET Gadgeteer over Bluetooth

By 11th January 2013 No Comments

Once I had got my Windows Phone and .NET Gadgeteer Bluetooth module connected up yesterday, I thought I would have a play around with the new functionality in Windows Phone which allows you to send serial data through a socket which you open between apps or devices. This feature in the Windows Phone 8 SDK allows users to create apps which communicate to each other over Bluetooth. I think this would be very good for playing local games with friends. Well I don’t have a second Windows Phone device so I have decided to play with the .NET Gadgeteer kit.



Using some of the knowledge that Rob taught me in my Electronics and Interfacing module in my second year, I have easily set up the communication between the two devices. I’ve got messages sending to the kit from a quick app I threw together with the Windows Phone SDK as well as receiving messages back from the kit with a little response. I’m getting a little more surprised with how much more open the Windows Phone OS has become allowing developers to utilise every little feature in the phone.

I’m glad to be doing my own development again. Hopefully I can keep up the happiness levels for developing my Imagine Cup project.

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